1452 :October 2nd  : Richard, the twelfth child of Richard, Duke of York and Cecily Neville, was born at Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire.

1462 :October 2nd  : Richard made Admiral of England.

1469 : Edward enters London and regains control.

1470 :October 2nd  : Richard, Duke of Gloucester, accompanies his brother, Edward IV into exile. They sail from Lynn to Burgundy.

October 11th 1464 : Elizabeth Woodville is presented to the Council of Reading as Edward IV's Queen.

October 11th 1483 : Richard learns of the treachery of the Duke of Buckingham.

October 12th 1483 : Richard writes a letter to his Chancellor requesting he sends the Great Seal. In a postscript, he describes the Duke of Buckingham as 'The most untrue creature living'

October 12th 1459 : Rout of Ludford Bridge. Duke of York is betrayed by Andrew Trollope and flees to Ireland with his second son, Edmund of Rutland. Edward of March, Warwick and Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury flee to Calais.


November 1st 1461 :  Richard created Duke Of Gloucester

November 2nd 1470 : Birth of Edward V in Westminster.

November 2nd 1483 : Execution of the Duke of Buckingham in Salisbury

November 7th 1470 : Made Chief Justice of Wales.

1483  : November  : Anne Mowbray dies. Prince Richard of York retains lands and title of Norfolk. John Howard disinherited.


1462 :  Queen Margaret lands in Northumberland.

1463 : Somerset reneges on Edward's pardon and joins the Lancastrians in Northumberland.

December 13th 1470: Edwards of Lancaster married Anne Neville, as a seal on the agreement between the Earl of Warwick and Margaret of Anjou.

December 30th 1460: Death of Richard, Duke of York at the Battle of Wakefield.

Edmund, Earl of Rutland, Richard, Duke of York's second son, was killed by John, Lord Clifford.

December 31st 1460: Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury was beheaded the day after the Battle of Wakefield by a mob at Pontefract


1461 : Warwick runs the country from London

January 5th 1478: Richard, Duke of York (Richard of Shrewsbury) then aged around 4 years old- second son of Edward IV married Lady Ann Mowbray, aged 5 at Westminster Abbey.

January 24th 1484: The opening of Richard's only Parliament, which passed the Act of Titulus Regius, outlining Richard's claim to the throne. Lord Campbell said, 'we have no difficulty in pronouncing Richard's Parliament the most mertorious national assembly for protecting the libertty of the subject and putting down abuses in the administration of justice that sat in england since the reign of Henry III.


FEBRUARY 2nd : 1461 : Battle of Mortimer's Cross. Edward, Earl of March, defeats the Lancastrian forces of Jasper Tudor, Owen Tudor and the Earl of Wiltshire. They turn and head south for London, sacking Yorkist towns on the Great North Road, including Stamford.

FEBRUARY 17th : 1461 : The second Battle of St. Albans. Warwick is defeated by Somerset. Queen Margaret passes up the opportunity to enter London and returns to Yorkshire.

1462 : The execution of the Earl of Oxford and his son for treason.

1475 : Richard is made Sheriff of Cumberland for life.

FEBRUARY 18th 1478 Richard's brother, George, Duke of Clarence, is convicted of treason and executed in the Tower of London, drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine.

February 21st : 1478 : Richard made Great Chamberlain of England.


1454 :York appointed Protector and Defender of England. Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury, becomes Lord Chancellor. Somerset imprisoned in the Tower.

1455 : York, Salisbury and others dismissed from the government by Henry VI.

1458 : Love Day held as public reconciliation of the opposing factions in St. Paul's Cathedral.

1461 : March 4th : Edward proclaimed King in London.

1461 ; March 29th Palm Sunday : Battle of Towton. Yorkists achive a decisive victory.

1470 : March 12th : Battle of Losecoat Field : Edward defeats the forces of Sir Robert Welles, who had rebelled in support of Warwick and Clarence.

1485 : March 16th : Death of Richard's Queen Anne Neville, during a solar eclipse.


1464 April 26th : Yorkist victory at the Battle of Hedgeley Moor

1470 : Warwick and Clarence flee to the West Country

1471 April 14th : Battle of Barnet : the Earl of Warwick and his brother, Marquis of Montague are killed.

1483  April 9th: Edward IV dies. Succession of Edward V

1483 : Richard holds a Requiem Mass for his brother in York Minster.

1483 : Richard and Buckingham arrest Rivers., Grey and Vaughan at Stony Stratford and secure custody of Edward V.

1484 : The Death of Richard's only son, Edward of Middleham.


1455 ; May 22nd : First Battle of St. Alban's> Somerset and the Earl of Northumberland are killed. Yorkists (York,Salisbury,Warwick) escort Henry back to London. second mental collapse of Henry VI.

1464 May 1st: Edward secretly marries Elizabeth Woodville at Grafton Regis.

1464 May 15th : Battle of Hexham. Somerset defeated and executed. Lancastrian resistance in england ended.

1471 : May 4th : Battle of Tewkesbury. Yorkists defeat the Lancastrian army. Somerset is killed. Prince Edward is killed and Margaret of Anjou is captured. Richard commands the vanguard.

1471 : May 21st : Henry VI is murdered in the Tower of London, almost certainly on Edward's orders.The Bastard of Fauconberg rebels in Kent and beseiges London. The rebellion is put down. Henry Tudor flees to France with his Uncle Jasper Tudor.

1480 : Richard made Lieutenant General in the North.

1480 : Richard leads his troops against the Scots.

1483 May 4th : Richard and Edward V enter London. George Neville, Duke of Bedford dies and Richard loses hereditary rights to the Neville lands. 


1460 : The Calais Earls land at Sandwich.  The gates of Canterbury are open to them.

1461 : Richard and George return to England.

1467 : Chancellor George Neville dismissed.

1469 : 'Robin of Redesdale's' rebellion in Yorkshire.

1471 : June 29th : Richard is granted the Neville estates in Yorkshire and Cumberland.

1483 : June 8th : Robert Stillington, Bishop of Bath and Wells, comes forward to inform Richard that the Princes were illegitimate, because Edward IV had been pre-contracted to the Lady Eleanor Butler before he married Elizabeth Woodville. A pre-contract was as legally binding as a marriage.

1483 June 10th : Richard appeals for help from his Northern supporters against the Woodvilles.

1483 :June 13th : Execution of William, Lord Hastings. Arrest of Morton and Rotherham.

1483 ; June 22nd : Richard's right to the throne proclaimed by Ralph Shaa. 

1483 :June 26th : Richard becomes King.

1485 : June 9th : Richard arrives in Nottingham to await Henry Tudor's landing.

1485 : June 23rd : Richard's second proclamation against Henry Tudor.


1453 : French victory at Castillon near Bordeaux. Sir John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury killed. All Henry V's possessions except Calais permanently lost.

1460 : Quick advance first to London, then on to Northampton.

1460 : Battle of Northampton. Yorkists capture Henry VI. Buckingham killed. Queen Margaret flees to Wales. Warwick runs the country.

1469 : George, Duke of Clarence, marries Isobel Neville, Warwick's elder daughter in Calais.

1469 : Battle of Edgecote. Yorkists defeated by 'Robin of Redesdale. Henry Tudor's guardian, William Lord Herbert, Earl of Pembroke,defeated by the rebels and susequently executed. Edward IV, 'arrested' at Olney, Buckinghamshire by the Nevilles.

1470 : Warwick and Clarence change sides and ally with Margaret of Anjou.

1471 : July 4th : Richard is made Chief Steward of the Duchy of Lancaster in the North.

1476 : July 21st - 30th : Reburial of york and Rutland at Fotheringhay.

1483  July 6th : Coronation of Richard III.


1453 : First mental collapse of Henry VI at Clarendon. Neville - Percy clash at Heworth Moor.

1468 : Harlech Castle beseiged by Lord Herbert. surrender marks the end of Lancastrian resistance in Wales.

1469 : Edward imprisoned by Warwick at Middleham Castle, Yorkshire. Warwick runs the country.

1475 : August  2nd : Edward and Louis of France meet at Picquigny ending the English invasion of France. richard shows his displeasure by absenting himself from the agreement and makes an implacable enemy of John Morton, Bishop of Ely.

1482 : Richard invades Scotland and recaptures Berwick, which has stayed in English hands ever since.

1483 : August 29th : Richard arrives in York on Royal progress.

1485 : August 7th : Henry Tudor lands polyglot force at Milford Haven and marches through Wales to Atherstone Warwickshire.

1485 : August 22nd : Battle of Bosworth. Death of Richard III. Deserted at the last minute by Sir William Stanley. Henry Tudor becomes King.


1459 : September 25th : Battle of Blore Heath. Victory for Salisbury over Lord Audley on the way to meet York and Warwick at Ludlow.

1460 : York returns from Ireland.

1464 : Announcement of Edward's marriage to Elizabeth Woodville at a council meeting at Reading. 

1468 : Herbert made Earl Of Pembroke.

1483 : Investiture of Edward as Prince of Wales in York.

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